Can't get Brave to sync right between 2 laptops

My very old laptop is on its last legs, so am setting up Brave on a different laptop I have. I’m having trouble with Sync. I go t my Synch chain code, I entered it on both laptops, and I checked off ‘sync everything’, but only some things have synced. For example, my bookmarks synced, but my theme didn’t. And, my BAT didn’t sync. On my newer laptop, it just says ‘click here to start earing rewards’.

I don’t know how to fix this. If anyone knows, please let me know, thank you.

Unfortunately BAT are not included by Sync at this time. There are some other things as well (such as some settings, and ‘flags’), it’s not 100% unfortunately, although it will get most of the other important stuff.

Not sure how to properly migrate BAT but if you search here I think there are some recent threads on it.

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Ah, I hadn’t realized that BAT and other things were not included in Sync. Thank you very much your help. I will search for a way to migrate BAT.

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