Cant get answer about brand-bidding suspension for 5 days, pls help


5 days ago i answered about my acc suspension (

It was suspended for brand-biddnig keywords.
That was a little mistake, cause we made сhanges to the campaign’s
Wich worked before about 3-4 month. We forgot add that words in negative keyword tools.
Now its OK, when can our acc be continued?

Pls answer me.

Text of previous message:
"I am so sorry about that.

Now i have stopped all campaigns and ad groups with keywords that can trigger Brand-bidding.
I also have added all words with “Brave, Brave Browser, etc” in negative keyword tools, as you advised.
What information do you require from me to continue my account? When will my account be continued?"

Screenshot from your suspensions mail
@steeven, @eljuno, someone aswer me pls, cant get any response

Best wishes, Dmitry

Closing as we don’t discuss suspensions on Community and you’ve sent direct emails to the appropriate person already.

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