Can't find Sync button in settings

I’m on linux and my brave version is 1.4.95. I can’t seem to find Sync button anywhere in the settings. I read that sync was temporarily disabled, is it still or is it just a bug? If yes, is there any ETA when will it be available again?

I’m on windows 10 and brave version is 1.4.95 and i cant find the sync button anywhere in the settings either on my computer. However sync is present on the iphone. how do i get my BAT from my iphone to my uphold wallet?

Yes, it’s still disabled @udaykhalsa. No ETA so far. But it’s in priority and the team is working on it.

Thanks for your patience.

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You can’t. Wallet verification is only available on desktop. Mobile support is coming.

And no, sync have nothing to do with your Rewards wallet as sync is only sync your bookmarks across-devices.