Can't figure out how to verify my squarespace website for brave rewards


I’m having trouble integrating my personal website ( with Brave rewards. I’ve followed all the steps that I could find online, and still its not working. I keep receiving the following message:


I was told that to verify through squarespace, I have to use the DNS route. So I try to verify it here:

Here’s what I’m inputting onto my squarespace account page:

With www:

Without www:

I’ve been trying variations of my domain name input to no avail.

Let me know if I’m doing anything wrong.



dns takes a little while to propagate so give it about 48hrs then try again. Please don’t delete the publisher verification setup and retry cause it would get you a new TXT validation

I have waited 48 hours and that’s what the squarespace support said. I’ll keep waiting. But I’m just wondering if I did anything wrong.

Please let us know if this wait goes beyond the 48hr window and we’ll happily assist you in resolving the problem.

@Dgenies @Mattches

Hey there, it has definitely gone past the 72 hour window, so by this point I’m assuming I’ve set it up wrong.

I followed some instructions that I found online.

Please let me know what I can do.



send a copy of the publisher txt file they gave and the txt dns you did input I want to check if they match. also I would love to have your domain name to do a txt check online. just checked online and can’t find the txt dns record

@Mattches @Dgenies

Here’s the txt file that Brave gave me:


I just copy and pasted that into my squarespace account page, so it matches there at least.

I’ve never used the page before

@Dgenies @Mattches

Squarespace is a CMS platform. Does this change the process?

Here’s what the Squarespace support member said…

So, I just got a second set of eyes on this. My teammate said to let you know that we are a CMS platform and if you have code for a widget or something, you can use it with a Code Block. Is this something Brave Rewards offers?

Here’s more on Code Blocks:

I am in the same boat as @htbond. I am trying to turn on Brave Rewards for my Squarespace website.

@Dgenies @Mattches

I haven’t found a resolution to this issue yet. Can anyone help? Looks like another person is having the same issue.

@htbond I have been checking your sites TXT records still no record check with your domain provider and hosting service

@Dgenies What steps could I take to ensure that the record check appears? Who could I contact to make this appear?

By what method are you trying to verify your Squarespace site? With CMS, the best way to do this is by verifying via DNS verification:

Just checked on the domain and it looks like it finally propagated and verified


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