Can't edit photos on -- "Trouble editing photo" error

Everything has been working until about a week ago. Now I can no longer edit any photo from the web site using the latest Brave browser. I can edit from the app on my phone and also if I open the web site in Firefox.

Things I have already tried:

  • Turn “Brave Shields” off for the site.
  • Disable all extensions.
  • Clear all Google cookies and the browser cache.
  • Log out and back in to Google.

Clearly some sort of change was made to the browser or site about a week ago and I can’t seem to get around this block. I really don’t want to have to switch browsers every time I want to edit a photo. I am on Linux Mint.

What’s my next step here?

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Can you tell me exactly what happens when you do try to edit? Does the edit panel appear at all when the button is clicked?

The edit menu appears briefly, less than a second, then disappears as the “Trouble editing photo” message appears in the lower left of the screen. Then it, too, goes away.

Can you share any console logs that show up when you try opening the edit panel? You can do this by:

  1. Visiting and selecting a photo
  2. Then, before clicking the edit button, in Brave go to the main menu, then More tools —> Developer tools and click the Console tab in the resulting window:


  1. Now try clicking on the edit panel

Please copy/paste or share a screenshot of any output that appears in the console.