Can't drag a tab from one window to another window with another maximize window from another program in the background



Windows 10 x64 Pro v. 1703
Brave v. 0.18.14

How to reproduce:

As shown in the above GIF:

  1. Open a window, open another tab.
  2. Drag or detach the tab to a new window.
  3. Open another program and maximize the window for that program.
  4. Try to move a tab from one Brave window to another with a gap between the two Brave windows.

Expected resulted: the tab moves from one window to another.

Actual result: moving the tab outside of the window causes the window to disappear. Even when you try to drag down to the brave icon in the taskbar, a preview of the Brave windows appears, but if you try to drag the tab to the preview of another window, a no symbol appears. You are only able to drag the tab to a new, third window. It is only when there is no background program that you can drag a tab from one window to another.

A related issue occurred. After dragging all tabs (except for pinned tabs) from one window to another (with no other program open in the background), I think I then closed the empty window, closed Brave, and then reopened it, only for the previous two windows to open with the same tabs in each window as they were before dragging them (rather than the expected most recent one window).

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