Can't download extension “Failed - Needs authorization”


I keep trying to download a specific extension that I have paid for (URL is linked at the end of this message) but when I download it, it keeps saying “Failed - Needs authorization” and the download never begins.

I have contacted the extension’s designer and he has tried everything to help me — including given me another link to try in the Google Webstore (which didn’t work.)

I have installed the extension on another laptop and it can install on Google Chrome, so the extension definitely works.

Secondly, I cannot find a way to contact Google Web Store about this particular extension and the creator of the extension believes Brave Browser is at fault since, out of all his customers, I am the only one using Brave Browser and I am the only one who cannot download this extension because of this “Failed - Needs authorization” error.

I’ve also tried turning Brave’s shields off for Google Webstore — no success.

What can I do? Any help?

Thanks for your time!

URL to extension ->

I’m experiencing exactly the same with another extension that was bought: StopTheMadness ( Seems like a problem with paid extensions in general?

Thanks for the info, ravenravenpl. Maybe there is a glitch with paid extensions. Hope someone from Brave steps in to help us out.

I was able to download the extensions I needed on Google Chrome then followed the video (linked below) to transfer them over to Brave.

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