Can't download brave - too long to respond/timed out

I’m trying to download Brave, and have attempted on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. However, on both browsers when I try this, it doesn’t work.

On Chrome, it says:
This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


  • Checking the connection
  • [Checking the proxy and the firewall]
  • [Running Windows Network Diagnostics]


In Microsoft Edge, it says:

Hmmm… cannot reach this page

Try this

I have also tried on Bing, and the same issue occurs.

I have a Windows 64-bit Lenovo Thinkpad T430.

Does anyone know what I can do to solve this issue? Thanks in advance

Just download from rather than this laptop-something address.


This is what I have been doing. It then takes a while to load and diverts to the page saying ‘too long to respond’. Not sure why :confused: