Can't Delete Sites From "Sites That Can Always Set Cookies"

There are sites listed under “Sites That Can Always Set Cookies” that I didn’t put there, and would NEVER want setting cookies. When I click on the trashcan icon to try and delete them nothing happens.

I have attached a screen shot with two of the sites I want to remove but can’t.

Brave Version( [Version 1.15.75 Chromium: 86.0.4240.99 (Official Build) (x86_64)]

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What if you click on the cookie in question, then ( Remove All )
… or if that doesn’t work, select the X for each individual item.

(I was able to delete

I have already deleted the cookies manually.

I want to remove it from the ‘always allowed to set cookies’ section which I never added it to. I would NEVER and I do mean NEVER have allowed those two sites to ever set cookies, my belief in the insidious evil of surveillance capitalism have been unwavering, so there is ABSOLUTELY NOW WAY I WOULD EVER HAVE ALLOWED THOSE SITES TO ALWAYS SET COOKIES.

What I am genuinely concerned about is clicking the “ok” button on those annoying cookie consent popups is adding sites to the “always allow cookies” list without disclosing that’s whats happening, and doing so in an irrevocable way that I can’t change.

It’s not just these two sites, it’s well over 100 sites that I would never allow to always set cookies.


Correct … my screenshot is of the “always allowed to set cookies” section (at the detail level).

I was providing another solution to remove it, because you mentioned it could not be removed.

I can’t access a more detailed view nothing is clickable

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