Can't delete bookmark in Mac version


Cant find a way to delete bookmarks in bookmark manager or from the bookmark bar. This question was posed previously and response was for windows.


Hi @ptflaherty2002,

In bookmarks bar, did right-click the bookmark then choose Delete Bookmark from context menu not working? For Bookmark Manager, it’s also have same steps.


"did right-click the bookmark"…what does it means? I cannot find the delete bookmark thing anywhere! Can you explain more please? I am desperate!


clicking your right mouse button on the bookmark entry.


Many Mac users don’t know how to right click because Mac mouse’s don’t have a right button. Right clicking on a Mac can be accomplished by hitting control while clicking on the mouse. Right clicking allowed me to delete items off the bookmarks toolbar.

Delete bookmarks and folders

Tapping with your two fingers on macOS == double clicking on Windows?


Thank you!!! Now I know how to do it! Thank you so much!!! <3

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