Can't create web app to home screen

Hello, when I add instagram web app it shows this

I’m not getting install app option instead i get open instagram and when I click on it. It opens instagram on chrome browser Lol

Anyone Know about this? Please let me know

@Adison ,

Your issue may be related to:

PWA causes Brave to freeze and keeps increasing memory usage (potential memory leak)

Thank you, but just letting you know. My issue is for the Desktop app on MacOS, and seems to be completely different from this. I can still create webapps; they just don’t do what they’re supposed to. OP seems to not even get the option to create webapps.

Yeah, brave ain’t letting me to put webapps on my home screen instead it’s saying to open webapp and it opens it actually but in chrome lol.

One thing i wanna say that this issue only happening with me with just one website which is instagram, I have tried youtube,face book, They work fine.

idk why but brave doesn’t seem to able to create web app, however chrome can do easily but I don’t wanna use chrome and give it extra ram just for web app.

is brave commmunity dead ?

Lol, can I get a reply atleast

I guess not. Even mine hasn’t gotten a reply in about a month so I had to reply to myself to keep the thread alive.

I suppose PWAs aren’t a priority. Tho that’d be sad, given how convenient they are…

@Adison are you still having an issue? If so, can you provide your Brave and OS version. You can find the information at brave://version. I think the latest Android Brave Release version is 1.39.115 according to the Brave GitHub Changelog: CHANGELOG_ANDROID

So sorry your issue slipped by without notice. Rewards payout issues have dominated community posts in the past few months and some posts relating to other issues did slip through unnoticed. Please provide an update.

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