Can't create an uphold account


i want to verify my wallet. After clicking on the link i want to create an uphold account because i’m not a member. After filling the country and the checkbox by clicking next nothing happens. What is the right process to verify the wallet?

@289wk what does it mean? Do i have to create an account first and after the kyc process i can click on the verify wallet link again? Why i have an option to create a new account after clicking the verify wallet link within brave?

I will suggest you an easier method…

Download the Uphold app on your phone and submit all the required documents to get it verified.
Later, link your Brave Browser with that account.

Getting verified is way easier in a phone rather than a PC…

You are doing the correct thing and you can do it in browser or via app. Creating a count and getting it KYC’d is your first step:

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