Cant Copy wallet deposit address on Coinspot

  1. Login into Coinspot
  2. Head to wallets.
  3. Select a coin
  4. Highlight deposit address
  5. CRT+C or right click and copy
  6. Try and paste but didn’t copy
  7. Have tried in chrome and it does copy

See attached.

Operating system - Windows 10 - 64bit
Brave Version - Cant find the number but was recently updated to the latest version on the 25/05/2018


A few reports have come in recently about problems with copy + paste functionality in Brave:

One temporary solution so far has been to check your “preview tabs” feature in preferences. Disabling tab previews and then restarting your browser seems to help some users.

Another update to Brave also came out today, so please check for updates once again!


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