Can't connect with Uphold

I can’t connect my brave with uphold account. The error message showing

After the error message on Uphold showing The brave browser on the integration page.

But it is not connected


@Shyam07 What you are showing is referencing the Device Limit. Is this a new browser you are trying to connect? For example, did you reinstall on the current device or move to a different device? Because it’s showing like you’re trying to connect something new, rather than log back in on an existing browser.

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Btw, device limit is being removed soon anyway. Hopefully it will be done by the end of this current month. It’s been placed in testing now and once they see no issues, it will be released to all. So even if it’s true it’s a new device or new browser, then you’ll still be able to link it again. But I did want to advise what it’s saying and why you’re having issues, as up to this point it has been a lifetime limit of 4 devices/browsers. Once you link 4 to Uphold or Gemini, you weren’t able to connect any others without having Brave unlink one.

This is the error showing when trying to connect.

Yeah you are corect. recently i was formated my pc and reinstall the brower, From there onwards I’m facing this issue.

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I’m glad to hear that Brave Team removing the Device limit. I hope the feature will release at the end of the month


@Shyam07 Hopefully you’ll see people talking about it, but you can track it yourself at to know when they release it to everyone.

As to the latest update from last week, it was:

This change is currently code-complete. However, actual release date (which won’t be tied to a Brave release #, since it’s back-end work), will depend on how testing goes, which is starting up now.

Hi @Shyam07 I guess this will not gonna happen because if there’s no device limit then many people take wrong advantage of that


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