Cant connect with UPHOLD account

Why Indians cant connect to uphold account with brave

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Sadly, this topic get political fast. Here have this link hopefully it explains a little.

As mentioned above, this topic can get political :slight_smile:

Some of the reasons behind the restrictions. I will generalise to cover all regions.

  • Local regulations
  • US regulations
  • Risk of scams, corruption and money laundering
  • International sanctions

The more specific case of India. Their government has been aggressively fighting crypto. It is difficult for a foreign exchange to operate legally in India.

Note that these are general observations. The true reasons behind Brave, Uphold and Gemini are unknown.

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No, in india they take crypto currency as a crypto assets. Now, they also released tax deduction for it too… they are not fighting against crypto and infact as far as i know they’re going to release a new rupee crypto…

I think there nothing wrong with a region side here… then whats the actual problem brave?


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