Can't connect my verified Uphold account to brave browser

I am not able to connect my uphold account to the brave browser. My account is verified and i am using an android device… i have tried all other methods…like uninstalling uphold app, turning off the shield and then logging in Uphold account but none of them worked for me

May be u have exceeded the device limit ( the max new devices u can use is 4… including mobile and PC…even if u reset and log back to old device without taking backup ,it will be recognised as new device)

The 4 device limit is going to be removed hopefully soon, it is in the testing stage at the moment and when it is ready it will be implemented. I am very sure that when it is ready there will be a notification on here and reddit.

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No i haven’t been able to connect even a single device…

No, i didn’t got any error…it just nothing happened when i finished the linking process. I am getting emails from uphold that u have authorized brave browser but still my wallet is not connected with brave browser