Can't connect Envato


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So in ManageWP (MWP) I needed to connect using their 3rd party APIs for Envato so I can update plugins with MWP.

Every time I go to connect on the Envato button, it gives me this error

Chris thinks it’s b/c it redirects to 2 other domains, so even if shields are down for MWP, they aren’t down for the other 2 domains. They all load in the same tab.

His suggestion is to allow us to shut shields down for let’s say 5 mins. on the entire window or just that one tab.


Hello! I’m great, thanks for asking :slight_smile:
My assumption is that cookie access is being blocked by Shields on those other domains as you mentioned – however, if they’re all happening in the same tab, you should be able to access the shields panel and toggle them off after the failed attempt.

So for example, on the page where you see the error in your screenshot, are Shields still displayed as “off”?

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I think you missed the part where it redirects.

There’s no way I would have time to turn off shields for 2-3 redirects. :upside_down_face:

Thanks :grinning:

Could you test in Brave Nightly, with brave://flags brave://flags/#brave-ephemeral-storage-keep-alive and brave://flags/#brave-ephemeral-storage enabled.

Ok, it’s now connected, but we did it thru Chrome. Do you still need me to test in Brave?

I don’t want to screw things up with it b/c ManageWP is causing issues updating the plugin & I need them to figure out what he problem is.


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