Can't Connect Brave neither UPHOLD and GEMINI

When trying to connect the BRAVE to UPHOLD it says I need to transfer my crypto because brave will discontinue partnering with it and if didn’t so my funds will be lost. So, I try to connect it to the GEMINI problem it is not WORKING TOO.

I’m Really sad here Co’z I refer Brave to my colleagues to change their browser and they dealing with this unsold problem for a long month.

Did I read this correctly?

Brave will no longer be in partnership with uphold? Giving benefit of a doubt and presuming this is true did you mean need to transfer your BATs into uphold or risk losing your funds? That doesn’t make, why would Brave tell you to transfer BAT to uphold or risk losing funds if they are ending ties with them? Or did you mean… Actually none of what was said makes any sense. Please clarify more clearly what the issue is.

I think there are changes to supported regions currently being made by Brave, Uphold, and Gemini. This is a notice recently posted and pinned in the Rewards Support category pertaining to Gemini:

@MommyRodz can you tell us which country you’re from? If it is not in the above list, that may be why you are experiencing an issue connecting to Gemini. Please post a screenshot of any errors or messages you are receiving when you try to connect.

Was the message you received when trying to connect to Uphold from Uphold or Brave? Can you provide a screenshot? Brave has nothing to do with transferring “crypto”, but Uphold does. Have you received an email from Uphold notifying you they will be discontinuing service to your country and steps you need to take? You might want to log into your Uphold account and check if there are any notifications if you haven’t received an email.

Please provide more information. There just isn’t enough information provided to help troubleshoot your issue. You should also post your Brave version and your OS version which can be found at brave://version. If your country of residence isn’t an issue, this information will be needed.

Thank you for your response.

I’m from Philippines

1st Attempt Brave to Uphold
DIALOG BOX: Your request is still being processed, please wait
NOTE: I apply on verifying this for the past 2 months up until now NO APPROVED.

2nd Attempt Brave to GEMINI
DIALOG BOX: ERROR: Region not Supported
NOTE: this clarifies that you referring to the supported countries of registration the PHILIPPINES are also not supported.

Screenshot 2022-05-11 095430

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REFERING on the version of the BRAVE BROWSER

Also, I try to deal with the UPHOLD customer service but still didn’t work.

Uphold isn’t operating in Phillipines now… because of the ban…that’s why you’re facing the problem.

Hi! If Uphold & Gemini aren’t operating in the PH now then how can PH Brave users verify their accounts? We want to transfer our BATs too. Thanks

Correct, how we can now transfer our funds and Get it? We need help and give this a solution action.

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For now there is no other way to get your bat tokens …keep collecting bat reward…the day when uphold will continue its operations in philippines you can withdraw your tokens :slight_smile:

But this is not a satisfying solution. Wait until uphold decides to support your country.
Iam from Germany and can’t use both. When you are able to provide a solution that does not exclude countries all over the world. The brave browser is nice like others but without bat rewards it’s just a browser. Nothing special. Why should we use it?

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