Can't complete BAT Coinbase Earn Tutorial


I am trying to complete the last part of the Coinbase Earn BAT tutorial to and cannot. It for a $7 reward and I am support to

  1. Download brave

  2. Open brave and follow this link:

However after I go to this link nothing happens and it’s very fustrating. It just goeas to the Coinbase homepage whether I’m login or not.

Anyone know how to properly complete this?

Thanks in advance

I am having the same problem. I would also like to know as well.

Ok, i figured it out. You have to turn the shield off on the brave browser. Then you have to go to coinbase. Next click on bat then verify.


Hey…hah I figured it out too except I did something different. See originally I was attempting to complete the tutorial in chrome and tried to copy the link and paste it in the brave address bar like it instructed but didn’t do anything, it just went to the Coinbase homepage. After searching Google 100 differenent ways I finally found a video on YouTube where the guy completed the whole tutorial in the brave browser and automatically got the reward. So that’s what I did, I opened brave then logged into Coinbase earn and completed the last step and it automatically credited the $7 in BAT.

That’s interesting that turning off the shield worked for you because I thought I tried that and didn’t work for me. Glad you figured it out though. I emailed support telling them the link forsnt work but they probably won’t do anything to fix it haha

Congrats on getting it! =)

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