Can't claim rewards on iPhone (yet)?

Description of the issue:
Ever since the update where iOS users are now able to ‘receive’ Brave Rewards, I’ve been getting my ads delivered to me perfectly fine, but when it’s time to actually claim the rewards (and how I know is because there’s an orange dot over the Brave triangle near the address box), and I tap ‘claim’, it prompts me with a message that says ‘Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again.’

I’m using Version 1.14.

I’m using an iPhone 7+.

It’s been like this since the release of the iOS rewards update.


Just same problem and the device use with mine …i got stuck with that

Iphone 7
ios 13.2.3
Brave 1.14

I’m having the same issue. I have claimed the 20 token grant with no problem. But now with trying to claim the ads rewards I’m getting an error message everytime.

Same thing on Iphone 7, iOS upd to date. First grant was succesful, but next monthly grant (december) has same problem (from it appeared - 02.12).

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