Can't claim my rewards

One week ago, i had to change the 2 step verification code, could this be the reason? Uphold is ok, no error messages

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Hi @Naza3924, payout is currently processing. We must give it time to complete - up to several days. Have a look here, and keep your eye on it for any updates.

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So why am i seeing ppl that can’t claim their rewards since 2 or 3 months ago?


There is that, yes. I’ve not been around long, but I’ve read a little.

Though many posts seem to be dealing with the same issue, there are a great many factors as to what is creating that issue for them: devices, OS, browser versions/ builds, regions supported/ not supported, simple but limiting mistakes made by creating too many wallets (currently, 4 lifetime limit), multiple profiles, rooted devices not passing a safety check, accounts getting flagged legitimately or mistakenly, VPNs, self-tipping, general operator error, people not putting in the time to look around the community to even try to find a troubleshoot, and worse - sometimes not even bothering to read what was replied to them… and yes, devs, too.

I can really sympathise with a lot here, feel the frustration, but I keep the human element in mind for both sides. Support tries their best and they are helpful, from what I’ve observed so far. Hopefully, Support can be expanded to include more staff members at some point.

How to claim my reward

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