Cant claim february reward

almost 1 week and still cant claim my reward even i update the browser apps on playstore
still have a error please help me to resolve this

i have a screenshot video just take a look.

@steeven can you help me to resolve this.

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Hi @jaren21 - what Brave version are you on?

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Brave Software Inc

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Brave 1.20.108 Chromium: 88.0.4324.182 (Official Build) (32-bit)
Revision 73ee5087001dcef33047c4ed650471b225dd8caf-refs/branch-heads/4324@{#2202}
OS Android 10; Redmi Note 7 Build/QKQ1.190910.002
Google Play services SDK=12451000; Installed=202414037; Access=none
JavaScript V8
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/88.0.4324.182 Mobile Safari/537.36
Command Line –disable-fre --use-mobile-user-agent --top-controls-show-threshold=0.5 --top-controls-hide-threshold=0.5 --use-mobile-user-agent --enable-viewport --validate-input-event-stream --enable-longpress-drag-selection --touch-selection-strategy=direction --main-frame-resizes-are-orientation-changes --disable-composited-antialiasing --enable-dom-distiller --disable-domain-reliability --no-pings --extension-content-verification=enforce_strict --extensions-install-verification=enforce --origin-trial-public-key=bYUKPJoPnCxeNvu72j4EmPuK7tr1PAC7SHh8ld9Mw3E=,fMS4mpO6buLQ/QMd+zJmxzty/VQ6B1EUZqoCU04zoRU= --sync-url= --lso-url=https://no-thanks.invalid --variations-server-url= --enable-features=AutoupgradeMixedContent,PasswordImport,LegacyTLSEnforced,PrefetchPrivacyChanges,SafetyTip,WebUIDarkMode,ReducedReferrerGranularity --disable-features=AutofillEnableAccountWalletStorage,SafeBrowsingEnhancedProtection,SubresourceWebBundles,TextFragmentAnchor,PasswordCheck,SignedExchangeSubresourcePrefetch,LangClientHintHeader,IdleDetection,SignedExchangePrefetchCacheForNavigations,DirectSockets,NotificationTriggers,InterestFeedContentSuggestions,TabHoverCards,NetworkTimeServiceQuerying,PrivacySettingsRedesign,WebOTP,AutofillServerCommunication,Translate,OfflinePagesPrefetching --flag-switches-begin --flag-switches-end
Executable Path No such file or directory
Profile Path /data/user/0/com.brave.browser/app_chrome/Default

My upload wallet still says $0.00 while my Brave Reward Token says something completely different. How do i get my Brave Reward to show on my Upload wallet

@jaren21 please DM your wallet ID.

sorry we are working to fix this situation asap thank you. sorry for the trouble we appreciate the onsite. thank u Heather Houser.

Hello I would like to know why I didnt get my payout on february. Thanks ... Also currently I open Ads and I dont gent any BAT for it. My account was stopped on 5.945 BAT from the first week of february. Please what SHould I DO?

done sent wallet id.

@steeven any updates up for this.