Can't claim Brace TAP rewards

So I am on Windows using Brave version 1.25.70 and on Uphold my account is verified and connected with Brave & TAP yet I can’t press and continue on the ‘Verify Wallet’ button or ‘withdraw’ button. I verified my identity today June 4th but I had the account open 3 months ago. I am receiving my ads and I have successfully received the rewards and have a balance in my Brave wallet but can’t do anything with it. Not using a VPN. I live in the New York City area so I don’ think that’s the issue either. Lastly, auto contribute has never been turned on.

Hi Lezu. There were some problem with uphold a few days ago. You could try to verify again by connect to Uphold as you did in the past, but you need to disable the shield when you go to the Uphold page:

  1. Click on the brave reward sign or go brave reward page.
  2. Click on “disconnected” or click on the setting sign in the brave reward section then click on “connecting to a verified Uphold wallet”
    3.You should be prompted to a new authorization page. or a log in to UPHOLD page.
  3. On the upright corner next to brave reward sign you could see a brave shield sign, click on it and “Shield DOWN for this site”. wait for a few second ,the page will refresh itself.

After that You should be able to log into UPHOLD normally. Hope this will work for you.

Also check this out.

I was stuck on the loop before but that wasn’t the issue I was able to verify but it just defaults again to the ‘Verify wallet’ button and the ‘withdraw funds’ but they don’t send me anywhere. I disconnected and reconnected to uphold with shields down but nothing changed.

I however did find something interesting when trying to add funds directly from Uphold and that is probably why the buttons don’t work for me on Brave.

Is there an Uphold alternative with bit Licensing?

I don’t know. ask the moderators for detail. you could mention one of them by using @(someone ).

I heard they’re saying that Gemini is coming for brave reward. but you have to wait for another brave version’s update. I don’t know about the date. there is no official announcement yet.

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