Cant claim bat tokens

i cant claim my bat tokens because the trangle icon is not responding.

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@Nakulchalise has it worked or it is still giving the same error

i is still giving the same error.While I click on Triangle Nothing will happens.It only shows small white area.

visit chrome://rewards and try claiming it from there

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it is not showing the claim option from reward also.

@mattches would take it from here

Is there any solution.

This issue is known and is already being addressed. You should see this reflected in the next browser update.
Note that you can still go to brave://rewards or Menu --> Brave Rewards to access your Rewards information.

I am using brave from pc.Even i cant claim tokens from settings and the bat triangle is not shows a small white rectangle.

We’re working on this now and should have it fixed in the next update to the browser:

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