Can't buy Brave VPN, button doesn't work

I was trying to claim 7 days trial in Brave VPN, but the button is stuck on loading. I checked network requests and when i click the button there is one post request that returns error 400. Inside that request there is this error massage: “Unrecognized product_id; error id: c7d8828c-72e7-417c-b69b-cd2a3c68ef55: sql: no rows in result set”

@JupiczeQ Can you please share which version of Brave and which operating system you’re using?

OS: Windows 10 Pro 21H2 19044.2965

Brave: V1.51.114

Hi @JupiczeQ welcome to Community :wave:

Are you still experiencing issues regarding purchasing your subscription?
If you are, could you kindly submit a ticket to our support form. From there we can best assist you there.


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