Can't build brave-core on Manjaro


Hello there.

I’m trying to build brave-core on Manjaro Linux and I’ve got this error after running npm run init:

NodeJS v10.10.0
npm v6.4.1
python v3.7.0
python 2.7.15

I have python-devtools installed.


Did you ever find a solution? I’d like to be able to get this working on Manjaro as well

EDIT: Just as a side note. I know you are trying to install the developer version and not the beta, but the beta build is in the AUR if you want to try that instead.


I couldn’t find a solution even after waiting for another commit on Github. But thanks a bunch, I didn’t know there was a beta build in the AUR, I appreciate it.


Hi @prinzvonlicht,
I’m sorry for late response.

cc @sriram @clifton for help.


Slighty late response but I think this is because of python versioning. urlparse is a python2 library that got changed to urllib.parse in python3. Switching to python2 and re-running should work!


Unfortunately I haven’t tried building on Manjaro. @prinzvonlicht could you try @jonk’s suggestion and update if it fixes the issue ?