Can't be paid as a creator but not because different custodial account

Hi dear Brave support team,

Yesterday I created my Brave Rewards Creators account, and connected it with my Uphold wallet and Twiiter account successfully.

However, when I use a Brave browser, which currently doesn’t connected to any custodial account, and try to test the tip function by tipping my own post on twitter,
the popup window shows " This creator is currently not sign up an account. Any tip you make will remain pending and retry automatically for 90 day."(注意: 此創作者尚未註冊。您提供的任何小費都會先處於擱置狀態,並在 90 天內自動重試)

Then I turn to try tipping BraveSoftware’ s twitter post, and it works.

What should I do so that my twitter can receive tip?
Or just because I’m not in a supported region, I can not receive tip?

If you need any further details I will share.

Thanks for writing in. It can take several days for your site to show as verified. Will you let me know if the issue is still there on Friday?

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Hi steeven,
Thank you very much for your reply.

Actually, I’m happy to inform you that after doing some test and try, it finally works now.
But, that’s still a strange situation I think, I still can’t understand what happend. :joy:
So I think I can share the test process as feedback to you.

I used another PC with another Brave browser, which doesn’t connect to any custodial wallet as well, and tried to tip my own twitter again.
It’s about 6hrs after I connected my Twitter and Brave Creator account yesterday.
Surprisingly, it successed.

when I back to the previous PC and Brave browser, and tried to tip my own twitter again, it still showed the same words, telling me this user haven’t sign up.
I also tried the “refresh” button at the top right side on browser.
It still showed unverified.

So far, I can sure it’s this browser’ s problem, but I still did some tests on the browser:

  1. Reset settings. Restore settings to their original defaults.→Not work
  2. Clear all browsing data (advanced)and restart browser.→Not work
  3. Clear all autofill and restart browser.→Not work
  4. Restart PC.→Not work
  5. Add a Youtube account and another one Twitter account, waiting 5 minutes, both 2 show “verified”.→Sucessfully tip to both new
  6. Back to check the original Twitter account, which kept showing haven’t sign up.→It finally shows “verified” and sucessfully tip to it

This is the process I test the browser.
I don’t know whether I did is correct, I also don’t know what exactly happend :joy:
Anyway, it works now. :joy:

Thank you so much again steevenヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノお疲れ様でした

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