Can't add any site as an app

So i wanted to install a website as an app, for example YouTube but there’s no option available to do it but if i am on Twitter the option is there:
Youtube Example:
Twitter Example:

I know this feature is on Edge and Chrome and i can use it on any website i want. Why brave haven’t enabled this with all websites? Is there a flag i can enable to make it work like i want?

I’m on brave beta 1.17.61 Chromium: 86.0.4240.185 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) but this issue it’s a thing i had for a long time now.

Hello @tigerknsoXIV

do you mean the pin ? if yes then right click on tab then pin

do you mean this one on the following screenshoot

then it will be on the plus sign on the right of the address bar

hope that help and have a nice day

My problem is that + don’t show on every website. Only a few

Can you give me any solutions for this problem for Android cp

Hello @Kaizer0013 @tigerknsoXIV

i confirm that it sometime show up other time not

let me ask someone from the team about that @Mattches the install app option as in this pic

does not show up for most of site i tried with dell or youtube does not show up
me on linux centos latest release version of brave

and @tigerknsoXIV using beta version of brave

and @Kaizer0013 on android

and have a nice day everyone

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Thx for working in my problem thx again boss.

you very welcome @Kaizer0013 boss :wink:
could you tell us your brave version to make sure it’s the latest version

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My brave ver. 1.16.74
Just tell me boss if there’s problem
In my app thx gain boss😁

you welcome boss and let us wait for Mattches replay and have a nice day boss :joy:

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ok boss, i will be waiting :joy:

Can someone share some proof/a screenshot of Chrome or Edge offering you to install Youtube or, as @tigerknsoXIV stated, “any site” requested? I think it’s important to note that not every site can be added as an app/PWA.

On my end, I see sites like Community, Twitter,, Soundslice, Medium, Pintrest, Spotify – all offering me the option to install at the top:

That’s on both Brave and Chrome. However, I do not see this option for all sites – namely, as @tigerknsoXIV mentioned in the OP, I do not see one for Youtube. And, logically, there should not be given that there is already an associated application for Youtube.

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thanks @Mattches

now i got how it work and have a nice day

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