Can't add any new extensions, possible interference with extensions and website interface interference

Description of the issue:

For a while now i haven’t actually been able to add new extensions in the slightest, in the google web store the buttons are completely greyed out
I chalked it up to brave not supporting them or something, or some hidden factor, but it didnt really matter at the time because i already have every extension i need
But now that a new issue cropped up with extensions which i confirmed to be specific to brave that i have to ask for help
I use the dark reader extension because i have no wish to burn my own corneas, and it worked absolutely fine up till now
3 days ago something occured internally within brave itself that interfersers with not only normal function of the extensions, but also the dark mode user interfaces of other websites

Like in the picture here, the background is completely white and blinding despite the fact that both the dark mode option on reddit is turned on, and that the extension is turned on aswell

Here’s what it looks like when both of those are turned off, atleast to me it can’t be an extension or a site issue, since i’ve had this problem on a few other websites aswell, while some other websites function normally without issue
I dont think another extension is interfering either since i havent changed anything about them

How can this issue be reproduced?

Can’t say i know what happened, i had no updates (as far as im aware) and no changes in my computer
best bet is to see if the same thing happens if you have the dark reader extension and go to reddit to see if the same thing happens

Expected result:

Burning eyes

Brave Version( check About Brave):

To rule this out you will need to try two different things.

  1. Open in a private window. Does it have the same issue or it works normally?

  2. Create a new browser profile. If you don’t know how, go to Hamburger Menu imageMore ToolsAdd new profile and see if the issue happens there. On this one, don’t add any extensions or anything.

To be clear, new profile is a second profile for testing purposes. You can delete it after if you want and it won’t have any impact on your normal profile.

To be clear, I tested under a variety of methods. I don’t want to install any extensions for testing purposes as extensions can be malware and can collect a lot of personal information. So if I don’t absolutely need an extension, I don’t ever install it. But I can test all other facets.

From testing, everything seems to work properly. So this tells me that the issue is going to be in your extension or in either your OS or Brave settings.

Testing in private window will help to see if it’s related to cookies and it can also help rule out extensions.

Testing on new profile primarily is to test extensions, but it also can be an indicator that browser settings are to blame (as new profile overall uses default settings for Brave)

Normal (Light) Mode on all:

Dark Mode (Reddit settings):

Forced Dark Mode at brave://flags along with Dark Mode enabled on Reddit:

Forced Dark Mode at brave://flags along with Dark Mode disabled on Reddit:

It’s a yes on this, incognito mode does make it function normally

And yes on this too, a new profile functions as intended

So there you have it, the issue is either with your extensions or with cookies.

Just to reiterate what had kind of been said earlier, when you open in a private window it starts a session with absolutely no cookies and with extensions disabled by default.

It would pretty much be guaranteed that one of those two things is your issue. You just have to maybe disable all your extensions and see if you notice a difference. And then perhaps enable them one at a time to see if you can find what is breaking it.

Or you can start on the other side of things and try to clear cookies first and see if that solves it.

And do keep in mind that even if you haven’t really changed much anything on your computer, updates are constantly done to the web browser and to extensions. It is always possible that any of them had something changed that causes a compatibility issue which causes things to not work as they are intended.
So if you do manage to find out what extension seems to be causing breakage, you would want to contact the developer for that extension but then perhaps leave feedback here which extension was the problem so Brave can look at it as well.

It was an extension issue, Flash Player for Web in particular
Thanks for the help

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