Can't access wallet or update browser. What next?

A long while ago I made a Brave Wallet account and was given a seed phrase. Shortly after the browser crashed and it logged me out of the wallet. I knew my password was correct, but it wouldn’t let me log back in. The seed phrase that I was given to access my account also didn’t work despite the fact it was definitely being inputted correctly. I decided at the time that I was just going to leave it, because I wasn’t particularly interested in BAT at the time.

However, I’ve since decided to try out cryptocurrency and thought BAT might be an interesting place to start as I already had some. However for a long while my browser has been failing to update, it gives me an error 12. This has presumably been the cause of the error of " Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding. We will fix this as soon as possible.". Alongside this, I still can’t access my Brave Wallet. But there isn’t any option to make a new one. I don’t even mind having my BAT count reset to 0 and having to build it back up again, I just want to be able to access something!

I am currently on v 1.1.21 of Brave. I’ve tried updating multiple times including shutting the browser down completely and restarting it. It just keeps coming up that it’s trying to update then error 12’ing me. As for the wallet, there’s no ‘create new wallet’ option or anything else to try.

[Editing to add; I never verified my wallet with Uphold at the time. Would going through the process of linking the wallet with Uphold be able to give me access to my current one / create a new wallet?]

Outdated. Latest version is 1.18.78

Run the installer again from 🤷

Managed to update it by uninstalling then reinstalling it again. Still got no access to my wallet or any means of resetting it though. @steeven is there any way you can help me out?
[Update; now it’s completely wiped all the BAT I had earned, but I still can’t access the wallet. I had around $6/7 worth of BAT. This is a really frustrating experience because it’s the worst of both options.]

Hi @Gaelic, please see response to DM.

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