Can't access online banking &

For a long time now I’ve had to request a one-time verification code every time I log into my online bank (, and as of several days ago, as soon as I enter the verification code I get a black screen. Ditto in a new private tab. I’ve changed nothing in my settings. I can log in perfectly on Safari without even a verification code.

Also as of several days ago, I cannot access, while previously I had no issue. It’s https:// but I get a message that the connection to the site is not secure. Same in a new private tab. Again, I haven’t touched any of the settings. The site works perfectly with Safari.

Shields are down for both sites. And all permissions are allowed (nothing blocked).

I’ve searched for close to two hours on these topics here but haven’t found something directly relevant.

It’d be great if someone knows how to resolve this. It’d make my life so much easier. TIA