Cant access my wallet stuck in creating wallet

Suddenly I can’t get through my brave dashboard after that I updated my app but it was asking again to create wallet click on it but not successful although I’m receiving ads but can’t see my estimated earnings please help me, I’m sending Screenshot proof attached please help me

So you can’t pass the creation wallet screen?

Is something related to this?

Aperently they released a fix a few hours ago, so if you are still experiencing this tag steeven.

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Please resolve this, whenever i click on brave rewards it stuck on wallet creating.This issue is arriving from yesterday afternoon!
I had estimated 40 bats in it

Still experiencing it over here too :pleading_face:

Cheers Guys Problem Is Solved Few Hours Ago :grin::grin::v:

Problem not solved yet!

@steeven @eljuno lease help me

@ritika11 - Are you still unable to access your wallet?

Yes, I’m still unable to access my wallet…
Tried everything but no solution

@steeven Same problem for me i updated the app even that did not help. The BAT icon shows my previous claims and the balance correctly but when I go to rewards setting, it says create wallet.

Exactly the same issue im experiencing, also updated the app but no solution

@steeven @Mattches @eljuno please help the problem still is not resolved also the rewards internals show wallet as valid, so what is the problem.
Also I had 17 BAT in pending rewards will i get them now or not.

Same here
Please help us @steeven
Also after updating the app auto contribution turned on automatically, i cant turn iff because I’m unable to access my wallet akso the internal shows valid
Please please help us

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