Can't Access LastPass Account Settings


When I enable my LastPass account in Brave, navigate to the vault, then click on “account settings” it just pops up an error that says “an error occurred while loading the window.”

Who is responsible for the LastPass functionality - Brave or LastPass?


Will you take a screenshot or recording of the issue (Licecap is totally free to use to troubleshoot?



Looks like that tool doesn’t have Ubuntu support. There’s not much to record anyway - just clicking the settings creates the error.


On a related note, if I click the “sharing center” on the left navigation bar in the vault, it just displays an error bar at the top of the screen saying “Errorsessionmsg”


Thanks, I posted the issue on GitHub:

closed #6

opened #7


@jlopp Which version of Brave do you use? Is it 0.12.15?


Yes; I’ll reply on github


Thanks, I checked it just now :slight_smile:

closed #11

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