Can't access and verify my wallet

I have no issues with brave rewards or brave ads. The problem is how can I withdraw my Bat rewards if I can’t verify let alone access it. please help. thank you

You simply can not! It is essential that you verify you uphold account with a personal ID, to make sure you are actually a living human. You even have to verify your bank account if you want to withdraw any money

I have already verified my uphold account and it works on my desktop browser. But, ads won’t show on my desktop brave browser. So I tried to install Brave browser on my Iphone. I recieve BAT and ads normally as i should but I cant select my wallet to verify it. as if its disabled. Can someone explain why? please?

I think brave reward cannot work on your phone try to change the phone. Because I face this issue on the fake Samsung phone. So try to change the device it will work.

i suggest to DM an Admin about this subject.


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