Cant acces wallet

Hey guys!

With the new version I cant seem to get access to my wallet anymore. I linked a picture, the error message, visible when clicking the triangle “brave rewards”, it’s about scheduled monthly payments and is probably whats causing the issue. It’s impossible to close that message by pressing the X - close symbol.

It seems like every other time the client updates I am experiencing some sort of issue in regards to my wallet. Since I have some of my funds locked up in there it’s a tad unsettling/annoying. Other than that I love what you guys are doing - keep at it!

Hey @Lillekarl

If you open a new tab and navigate to brave://rewards that should take you to a page to interact with your wallet. Does that help as a work around?

We do have an issue logged where some users are unable to dismiss notifications:


Unfortunately not, I will look into that github issue. Gimme a sec!

Spot on… Well I guess they are on it.

When you navigate to brave://rewards what displays? Do you get an error there?

No - that works! Hacks!

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Great! Sorry, I misunderstood and thought navigating to brave://rewards didn’t work for you - glad it does :smile:

Going to close out this thread as we have an issue logged for what you’re seeing with notifications. You can follow the progress on the GitHub link as it will have all of the most up to date information.