Cant accept reward

cant accept brave reward.
if i click at withdraw reward, the reward overwiev open and nothing happen.
any idea?

I think that Germany is not a supported country for reward&creators.

Try to do it at brave://rewards/

From your rewards panel it looks like your Brave version is too old. Please update and retry.

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when i update brave i cant see reward old and new anymore.
dont know if they are lost or just hidden.

According to new changes if you aren’t to Uphold / Gemini, it will no longer show 6ou current earnings.

Do you get to claim when you go to brave://rewards in URL bar?

cant claim. seems brave ppl in germany are not only able to tranfer coins to wallet, now it seems are not able to get collect them anymore. in 5 days i lost the reward…

does devs read forum?

Yes. Absolutely they do. But personally, I don’t know how much vBAT claim will help. They will expire somehwere in April anyway and it’s highly Unlikely Support to Germany will be restored before vBAT sunsetting. So basically, you won’t be able to cash them anyway.

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