Can't able to get payment due to uphold

Uphold blocked my account right after joining their platform saying we are no longer offer you an account and due to this i can’t get payment from brave. It’s so shameful that the biggest community with great inspirational ideas have got only one option to withdraw the bat from brave which is also useless to me.
Please help me to get my uphold account back else give us another option to withdraw our bat. Isn’t it funny that first we have to shaw the ads of yours to earn bat and after that wait for a month to get our earned bat to our control and if in case uphold make a dump decision to restrict/block the account we can’t get payment. It’s like we are working for two different companies.
From my side i didn’t done anything wrong, even i try to contact their support but no response. Have hope that you will response me back @steeven .

Uphold IS a different company, and unfortunately, Brave staff have no control over what Uphold does. What country are you in? Uphold is not available in all countries.

Brave is in the process of adding more wallet options (Gemini should be coming soon).

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