Cannot withdraw bat

I have only ever gotten funds from tips to and this month $1.40 from ads. I have over 50BAT on mobile.

The 3 browser limit is not good for those of us who are testing. How can Brave and Uphold clear the old unused browser info?

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Everything works fine except getting about a dollars worth of bat.

My advice, use the current stable build for anything wallet related. My unwithdrawable funds might be because of how grants work/ed?

Either way, it worked for this month

Hey, this is why I came here today. It’s to let folks know how they’re accumulating BAT that (as of right now) will never be able to have.

The same thing happened to me and I began to do some research. I’m not sure when you verified your wallet, but apparently, any BAT that you’ve accrued BEFORE verifying your wallet is now stuck in that wallet. So, anyone reading this I highly suggest you take the recovery phrase, if possible, and restore the wallet elswehere (MEW) and move the BAT before verifying anything through uphold or Brave.

I think this is why you were able to withdraw your funds recently, but nothing up else from up until then.

I watched those little dumb @ss ads pop up for the past year or so and thought I was getting paid for it, but there’s always a catch right lol?..

The reddit link to this information here:

Any update on this? I’m in the process of removing Brave from all of my PCs until this is fixed. I keep running into problems like this that are poorly documented and make using Brave a PITA. I have been tipping out but I also want to keep some of the BAT in a separate wallet.

I think it is an issue with the old versions and forward compatibility… Grants were NOT withdrawable so my advice is just do a fresh start and enjoy the current version. It works. I had been AFK for 2 years, not surprised I had issues on return lol

@joshy - i was able (and I guess you too) to withdraw rewards from first 3 linked wallets without issues (cumulated for more than half of the year), so old grants are definitelly withdrawable, only issue here is the limitation for 3 wallets

I bet they should expect tons of posts related to this topic once they release uphold linking on mobile devices also

Hi @Asad. I am following up on this from last week. After completing each of your 4 suggestions, nothing changed for me. I still see 0.00 BAT in the Brave Browser card in Uphold when trying to withdraw BAT earned from ads. Please advise next steps. Thank you.