Cannot view Kindle Cloud Reader on Brave


Hey all,

Today, I went to and am getting a message stating it’s not currently available on this browser.

This issue came up before here:

This didn’t seem to be an issue on my last version of Brave, but after updating to 0.18.23 it won’t work. I’m running Windows 7.

This also happens on a separate PC running Linux Mint, 17.3 and Brave 0.18.14.


I had a similar experience - I was merrily reading along with the “kindle cloudreader” in Brave, then accidentally hit the “previous page” button for the browser instead of the previous page of the book.
When I went back to use the cloudreader, it said it had to be installed but that my browser wasn’t supported. I didn’t even change Brave versions or anything.

It’s almost as if a leftover instance of the cloudreader were still running from Chrome, then I killed it, and amazon detected the browser when I tried to re-open it.
This was apparently not the case, however, since I re-started the cloudreader in Chrome, but still couldn’t run it with Brave.

The cloudreader would be handy, but for now, the program from here works fine:


I am getting the same problem. is this fixed yet?