Cannot verify wallet - wallet unlinking

I have verified my wallet on uphold but when I click verify wallet on brave, uphold pops up and says “Something went wrong please try again” I have been trying to figure this out for days and I’ve posted on Reddit and brave community trying to get some help and nobody is providing me with a fix for this issue… is there brave support I can contact? How do I get in touch with brave to resolve this issue?


@Rizztana This is one of the main places for support and is run by Brave staff and a mix of volunteers. Like I’m one of the random users who volunteers time to try to assist.

Are you on Android by chance? I ask because one of the issues I’ve been seeing with people trying to verify with Uphold has been with people using Android that also have the Uphold app on their phone. When they go to verify, it opens the Uphold app which then interferes with the verification process. To resolve that, people have uninstalled the Uphold app just long enough to verify the wallet and then can install the app again shortly after. The reason is the browser needs to communicate and get some data, which it can’t otherwise get if the verification goes through the Uphold app instead.


@steeven is the Brave Support fellow to direct message to:

An example of what he may ask:

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Yes I am using Android. I will delete uphold and try to verify

So now that I’ve deleted uphold app, when I click verify, after I enter my email/password in uphold, The rewards window in brave browser pops up and still does not verify…
This is very frustrating…

This is exactly the “Device Limit reached” error but somehow android does not show the message saying it.
They are currently working on to remove (or at least switch to a better protection). Device limit was meant to stop scammers having 10000 Brave browsers paying them, but having this 3-4 device limit being unable to reset was a big mistake they are working on, currently.

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But I only have my phone and my computer synced. I don’t think I synced any other devices. So should I just sit tight and hope for a fix soon? Is there anything I can do to try and fix this issue?

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Hm, did you reinstall Brave at any time? This also counts as a new device, sadly (thats why i have the problem too…, we sitting in the same boat my friend)

(P.S.: With synced you actually mean verify right? Because Brave Sync is something different and has nothing to do with brave rewards.)


“Go to and log in independently of the Brave Rewards verification flow. Once logged in, go into Brave Rewards and verify wallet. Follow steps Wallet verification should be successful (in 'Wallet verified’state)”

Follow this method. Taken from

Also, make sure your shields is down, and third party cookies are available for some time.

Uphold login:

@Rizztana Darn, usually that’s been the solution for many. I do know the only other trick I’ve seen people mention is to have a separate tab open that is logged into Uphold and then to try it. I’m not sure if it’s a Cookie issue on why that one works or what. (This is what @chh_68 mentioned)

Oh, and I’m assuming your operating system and app version is updated to the most recent, right?

I’d test all that really quick and if it still doesn’t work, send a DM to @Mattches with your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals/. When you do that, explain the error you’ve seen, the methods you’ve attempted to log in, your Brave version, and which operating system you’re using.

He should be able to check things on their end and would be able to let you know if perhaps you’re at a wallet limit or if there’s anything that can be resolved there. He may also have other suggestions that we aren’t thinking of on how to do it. If you wrote today, most likely wouldn’t receive a response until at least Monday or Tuesday, as support staff tends not to work the weekends for some reason (you’d think would be one of them who did…).

I’m not what device limit means, I’m assuming it means how many devices I’ve linked to my brave account? I don’t think I’ve reinstalled brave at any point. I got a new phone and downloaded it on my new phone but I thought that was a fresh account?

I tried all of that and still nothing. My OS and apps are updated. It doesn’t even give me the option to try Gemini. Every time I click on verify it pops up as uphold and there’s no option to click Gemini. I’ll send the DM and see if this matches person can help.
Thank you for your time I appreciate it.

@Rizztana Yeah, if you were on android than Gemini won’t be an option. That’s only an option on desktop computers

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Just figured I’d bring you back over here @Rizztana. Earlier you were talking about Gemini, which we determined you couldn’t do (yet) because you were trying on Android.

Did you ever end up sending that DM to @Mattches and @steeven with your Wallet info from brave://rewards-internals and a description to them that you’re having issues connecting to Uphold?

I mean, I’m still not sure if in all your attempts if it ended up with more than 2 wallets even though you said only 2 devices. If so, it would need the Wallet unlinking request form talked about at Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches


Hi @Rizztana, we are regularly processing the wallet unlinking requests and plan to remove the linking limit entirely soon. Please submit a d request using the link provided by @Saoiray above and it will be added to the queue.

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