Cannot verify wallet (The user is geoblocked)

I have 3 devices (PC, MacPro 13inch, MacPro16inch). On PC and MacPro 13 inch, I can verify wallet without any problem, but when I try to verified the wallet on MacPro 16inch, I have to face with problems

. I contacted with UpHold, but they said, this problem not come from them, they suggest me should contact with brave team. So I’m herer :smiley: .

So, Could somebody help me please, Thank you so much.

P/s: I tried to uninstall brave and install new one, but still can not verify wallet, that problem still happen.

I have the same issue.

Tried changing my location using a VPN.

Could it be a limit to the number of devices I can verify with?

I’m experiencing same issue here. I have a laptop and a PC both with Brave Rewards depositing on a single Uphold account. When I try to re-login my Uphold, the address bar shows that the user is blocked/ geoblocked. I hope they give answers to this problem we’re experiencing.

I was mail for UpHold to ask they about this problem and they answered me that problem not come from them

Hello again.
Our apologies, but as we mentioned, this error is not coming from Uphold’s end. We’ve had multiple users solve this issue by reaching out to Brave themselves. Please, be so kind as to get in touch with them.
We’ll be here if you happen to have more questions. We’ll be glad to help.


Daniel and the Uphold Team

I also have the same issue. I did basic troubleshooting and nothing happened. Please help!!!

Has anyone solved this issue? I am having the same problem, I have 3 devices that I would like to connect to Uphold.

you are not alone fellas… this just happened to me now. I was a long time user of brave and this just happened today. we need answers brave team.

I don’t know why, but after long long time, I don’t use brave browser, Today I check it again, try login to uphold last time before remove Brave Browser from my laptop. It work :slight_smile:

Hello, All! Anybody still experiencing this issue? If so, please share your region (or simply answer whether or not it is one of the unsupported regions at Uphold) and which VPN service you’re using (if any). Thank you.

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