Cannot verify wallet cuz maximun slots, but those wallets don´t exist anymore

So, I’ve been having this issue for a while now, months ago, Brave Browser completely reset itself, one day I had some profiles and verified wallet on all my devices, then suddenly nothing, zero, nada. Now the, when I tried to verified yet again this new profile, Brave Rewars saids I cannot verify because I used all the available slots, which is fine, I had them all for a reason, a mobile, a tablet, a notebook and a desktop. All 4 slots, then suddenly they don’t exist anymore, so there´s no way I can unverify them. I went to Uphold support to unverify those wallets but still, I can´t verify any new wallet on my uphold account, It’s been moths and I’m still trying to find a solution.

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check this one Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

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I am also having this issue and there is not place in which you can deactivated it I have tried with Gemini who I use and there support said brave has to unlink them but is not really know for helping accordingly to Gemini

Use the instructions in the link @justsomeone1 listed above to submit a wallet unlinking request.


@Mattches hi, question here, how will I know when I will be able to verify a new wallet?

We will email you informing you that your request has been completed.

When brave team will be release new feature to self unlink devices

i guess that will be hard as many would miss use it and farm more ads