Cannot use tab grouping any more

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Description of the issue:
I updated Brave Browser on Android yesterday and the UI changed. I cannot use tab grouping any more. By tab grouping I mean: previously I was able to open multiple tabs in separate groups which were presented as squares with thumbnails for all tabs open within a group. I could close whole groups, move individual tabs between different groups, etc.
Currently I can only click an icon with a number at the bottom of the screen (e. g. saying “11”,meaning 11 tabs open) and see a list of all open tabs in a single place without thumbnails. This is extremely uncomfortable for me because:

  • I cannot group tabs by various topics (shopping, social media, music, etc)
  • I cannot preview tab content because there are no thumbnails any more
  • It was easier to navigate using groups and thumbnails than a plain text list
  • I was used to the grouping UI as a long time user

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Before the update I was able to use tab grouping with thumbnail previews. After the update I can only use a text list showing all open tabs.

Expected result:
I would like to use the tab grouping feature again with thumbnails.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.51.110, Chromium 113.0.5672.77

Mobile Device details
Motorola Moto g72
Android 12; Build/S3SVS32.45-28-1-4

Additional Information:
There are multiple similar reports from users from various years. This seems to be a recurring issue.
The attached screenshots are showing the UI that I can use right now.


Go to brave settings → Accessibility → Toggle settings for ‘Simplified view for open tabs’


Thank you so much. It seems to be working. I was able to find some tab-related settings, but not this one. In my opinion it is hidden in the wrong places. Finding it is unintuitive.


Kinda agree with you. As for me, on my phone the option simply doesn’t exist anymore. It used to sometime back, but after an update its not anymore.

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I came here because I mysteriously started experiencing the same issue, as of yesterday.

I wonder if something changed in the latest build, that caused the simplified tab view to be enabled?

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@SmartyAadi Thanks for that solution! You’re a life saver!

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Thank you!!!

I would never have checked accessibility.

No idea how that setting got changed.

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