Cannot use Brave Rewards due to browser getting the wrong location

The browser won’t allow me to use the rewards system due to “me being in a region, where it is not available”

The official page states that Brave rewards is not available in these jurisdictions:

I am in none of those, yet I can’t use the Rewards

My guess would be that because of my close proximity to Russia, one of the jurisdictions in which Brave Rewards is not available, I cannot use the feature

I was never asked about my region, and the search engine was set to the russian “Yandex” at the very beginning of my use of the browser

I would like to fix that, but can’t find any information on how to do that.

@andreyo019 when possible, it helps if you can try to Search Before Posting

Your issue is discussed at PSA: Current FAQ - #16 by Saoiray

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