Cannot upload to Instagram on Android


It used to work, but recently, with ‘shields down’ for the site, no other ad blocking, the image loads in the browser (locally) but the ‘Next’ button does nothing. Works fine in most recent Chrome stable.

Any idea why this is?


Per the posting guidelines please provide the requisite info so we can investigate in an efficient manner.



1.0.37 on Android 8.0/Nexus 5X.

Shields down. Clicking upload icon lets me choose a photo, then loads it for cropping, but the ‘Next’ text link does nothing when clicked, so I’m unable to post anything.


Anyone else have this issue, or have it working?
Any dev response?


Hello devs! Any chance someone could look into this?


Are you doing this from @dancedar? Somewhere else? I’ve been unable to repro using so far.



Yep, as per screen recording. Not rooted, shields down, no adblocker


Just tried in the latest Chrome & Chrome dev, both work, Firefox Quantum works, only Brave doesn’t.
Can I enable logging or something to help?


Thanks @dancedar - I haven’t been able to reproduce this one.

I did log an issue for investigation:

Looping in @samartnik @Alexey and @Serg for guidance on what you could provide for troubleshooting.

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I’ve a new phone, the new Pixel 2, running completely stock Oreo 8.1, no adblock, not rooted etc, installed latest Brave apk and this issue persists for me.


Anything I can do to help debug this?
Or does this work on everyone else’s phone?


Hi @dancedar

I am still unable to reproduce but any developments or new information will be added to the logged issue.



Issue present on two completely stock Pixel 2s running latest 8.1
Non-rooted, no blocking apps.

  1. Install Brave
  2. Log in to insta, click +add image
  3. None of the filter buttons/next links do anything.

It’s a real shame as even with shields down it doesn’t work for us.

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