Cannot unpin tabs


Hi there. I have a bunch of pinned tabs that really won’t go. In order to close one of them, I unpin it and then close it. However, after unpinning, a new pinned tab is created with the same content of the former. Can you help? Thanks


Cannot Unpin tabs - OSX

I also cannot unpin tabs. I have deleted Brave and reinstalled. I still cannot unpin tabs.



Sorry for the delayed reply. Could you provide details as per guidelines. This helps in better trouble shooting



I have the same problem! I had at least 4 pinned webpages related to my MMO up for about a month.
I decided to make them into bookmarks and unpin them because they made starting up Brave very slow.
But when I would start up my browser again, there they were again… if not more…

Now I have fiddled with my settings and took it off of Reopen my session from last time; I have tried pinning other things or changing the website currently pinned; and i have uninstalled brave and reinstalled it hopping to reset it.
All to no avail. :sob:



Same issue persists after update :frowning2:



@TinySama @raimondiand Could you please provide the details as per guidelines which will help in better understading the problem and helps in providing a solution


  1. Brave Version 0.15.310
    2.Windows 10
  2. Its on: Block ads, Block 3rd party cookies, HTTPS Everywhere, Block Phishing and Malware
  3. The web pages are from and I had pinned them because I was going to be referring to them quite often. They have been pinned for more than a month and I no longer need them. Now when I unpin and close them, they either return with just a few of the pages or all of them return. I had about 4-6 pages pinned. I had tested other sites to see if the problem persisted and it didn’t; however, I do not know if the same problem will arise if I were to have those other sites pinned for a long period of time.


Same problem. There’s no way to stop pinned tabs from being pinned to new browser windows. I originally pinned three different sites, but now i’d like to remove one of them and can not. Here are the details. This is super annoying, especially since the pinned tabs automatically load in the background.


  1. Tell us your Brave version: 0.18.14
  2. Tell us your operating system version (Windows 7, OS X 10.11.6, Ubuntu 16.04 for example): OS X 10.12.6
  3. Tell us the Shield settings you have for the particular site (click on the lion icon in the upper-right to find out): Block ads, Block 3rd Party Cookies, HTTPS Everywhere, Block Phishing/Malware
  4. Give us step-by-step instructions on how to repeat your issue: Pin tabs. Quit brave. Open up brave, remove a pinned tab. Quit brave. Open up brave. Removed pin tab shows back up.
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It (which is by design, so not a bug actually) is discussed here:




I don’t know. This isn’t about session based pins. It’s the fact that once you pin a tab, there is no way to stop it from ever being loaded in future windows. Accidentally pin a tab? Oh well. That page will forever load in your browser. For a company that prides itself on time savings and bandwidth savings, not having an option to delete pins doesn’t make much sense.

I like the idea of pins that always show up in new windows. What I don’t like is not having control over what is and isn’t pinned.

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It is what is discussed on the page I linked above.


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