Cannot turn on Brave reweards

i am located in the USA but on occasion may use a vpn. I have enabled brave ads and setup the wallet with uphold but I have no option to enable brave ads and am currently not getting any ads or BAT.

Notice how the switch to enable Brave ad’s isn’t there. I have tried this with my VPN off as well, nothing.

Brave Ads is enabled. No?

With newer versions of the Brave Browser the Brave Rewards toggle has been deprecated with the Ads toggle replacing it’s functionality. So older Brave versions have two toggles (Brave Rewards + Ads) while the newer versions have a single toggle (Ads).

I still see no ads, I have been using the browser for weeks now and my balance is still 0, no ads.

I’m having a similar issue. I’ve been getting no ads on desktop for weeks. I get ads on mobile, but it appears that they are not accruing BAT.

correction, I just got .030 bat, is this on par with about 5 days of using the browser most of the day with maximum ads?

Mine has shown 1.000 BAT for quite some time, with no ads for months. On mobile I get ads, but it has shown 0.035 BAT for at least weeks, which is not remotely close to what I would normally get from these ads.

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Same issue in that I can’t turn on Ads. The toggle is forever stuck on off, I tried refreshing, updating Brave, but no go.

Ads appear on Mobile but don’t seem to be making any BAT (Separate issue)

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