Cannot transfer GLMR token out from my Brave wallet

Hi, i cannot tranfer GLMR token (moonbeam) out from my Brave wallet. It doesn’t work. Please help to check.

Could you provide more detail? In which way does it fail, is there a transaction ID? What is the status of the transaction in your transaction history? Could you take a screenshot of your network settings in brave://settings/wallet/networks by editing the network? Do you have enough to handle the gas fee?

Hi, I have attached a video to describe this problem as the link below:
I also cannot find any button to increase the gas fee in the wallet too.

Could you try the same steps in brave://wallet and then if you don’t see a transaction confirmation popup, then right click on the background and select Inspect. Then click on Console. Do you see any errors there? Please take a screenshot if so.

I have do the same steps in brave://wallet and still can’t see any popup for transaction confirmation. Here is the screenshot of the console

Do you have enough GLMR to pay the gas fees?

Yes, I have 50 GLMR in my wallet, the problem here is I can’t see any pop up for confirm transaction and increase the gas fee.