Cannot Synch between Brave for Windows and Brave for Mac




I couldn’t find an answer to this in the commonly found problems section, so here it goes:

I cannot synch bookmarks between Brave 0.21.18 on Windows 10 and Brave 0.21.18 on Mac 10.13.3. I tried 5 times, turning synch on and off on both browsers, restarting the process and copying the secret code words, and still nothing. My bookmarks on Windows simply do not appear on my Mac.

Notice that the browsers don’t see each other under Devices either. I do use a VPN (PIA), but had it turned off for this operation.

Here’s a screenshot of my Mac (since I am a new user I cannot upload the Windows one, but it looks the same except for the machine name.)


Thank you for your help!



UPDATE: I was able to get both computers to display each other under the Devices section. Bookmarks, however, remain unsynched.


UPDATE 2: I added all bookmarks again to one of my browsers, and they synced… for a moment. Sometimes one of the browsers opens with bookmarks on the toolbar, but not displaying a bookmark folder that I also keep on the toolbar, and sometimes vice versa: all my bookmarks disappear from both browsers with only the bookmark folder being displayed. Sometimes a bookmark in the bookmark folder is moved out of it to the toolbar itself. It all seems quite erratic.

I had about 10 bookmarks on my bar, with this folder on the photo being the last one. The other ones disappeared. Neither are they present inside the folder.

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