Cannot 'swipe' away Brave on Android

Brave browser app appears to be permanently in my Recent Apps list (hit the square button).

I don’t want it running, I don’t want it in the recent apps list.

Is this a known problem? Can I do anything about this (short of uninstalling)?

Sorry – you’re saying that when you view all apps running (active or in background), Brave is always there?

Kinda. When I go to my recent apps (the square), I can swipe away everything except Brave.
Close Apps doesn’t clear it.
Even if I go into setting > apps & notifications > Brave > Force Stop, I still can’t clear it.

OnePlus 7T with latest updates.

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Oh I see. That’s…well that’s very strange. Hmm. Let me see if anyone has seen this behavior before.

Hi @Mattches, have you seen anyone else withtl this?
It’s still happening

It seems that there is a similar issue with Chrome as well and is specific to the OnePlus – but in that case, the browser seems to be freezing entirely. Can you tell me if you see the same behavior when Chrome is launched?

I haven’t seen it with Chrome. That said, I rarely use Chrome, Brave is my browser of choice.
What I have noticed is that on occasion I can swipe-away Brave – I cannot see a pattern as to when i can be close, but it is rare.

Hi @Mattches, do you have any updates?

Sorry for the late response – can you confirm that the behavior persists after the update to v1.12.112?

Yes. I have 1.12.113 and and still seeing it.

Would you mind testing one more thing for me? Simply download/install our Beta or Nightly build from the Android play store, launch it and see if you’re able to swipe away/close them? Note that downloading/installing/running these builds will not overwrite or erase any data you have from your current Brave installation.,

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Hi @Mattches, the beta seems to be behaving.
I’ll monitor it, but feel like we’re in a good place.

I’m going to report this to the team and see if we can dig any further into why this is happening on the Stable build. That’s great news in the interim!

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